Review:06:58 by The Rooftop Collective 19/8/16

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

"The Rooftop Collective certainly holds potential, and many of the ideas explored in the second movement could very easily have been transposed to a full theatrical production to add new layers and nuance. What 06:58 is then, is a taster of the wealth of possibility these young theatre makers still have for the local arts scene, although it’s more the cobbling together of parts than a fully realized whole. Considering they completed the devising and rehearsal process in a month, it would be interesting to see how they take this first experience and apply it to their next collaboration, going above and beyond a mere exploration into something a little more compelling, and a little more exciting. These are people who are aware of where their strengths lie, and they should continue to capitalize on their individual strengths and work towards producing a truly cohesive whole."


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